Five new scents for Spring 2013 have been unveiled by Yankee in the recent weeks and now that I have had a chance to try them all out I thought i'd share a thought or two.
As a quick side note all five scents are available in candle and wax tart form but with Yankee I find their tarts to have a better scent throw than their candle products not to mention they are much cheaper.

A Child's Wish - "A warm breeze of soft flowers and fresh green fields captures the sweet innocence of childhood days playing in the backyard." An unoffensive gentle floral scent that is bright and uplifting. In my opinion this reminds me a little of a floral scented clothes soap, fresh, familiar and comforting.

Black Coconut - "Sunset in paradise... rich Coconut, cedar-wood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility." A grown up coconut scent, not overly sweet or artificial  Due to the cedar-wood addition this has a slightly deeper tone and reminds me a little of Coconut tinged rum. I think this scent would be lovely to burn on a lazy spring/summer evening with drinks in the garden to continue the summer is coming vibe indoors.

Paradise Spice - "An exotic island treasure...perfectly ripe banana and creamy vanilla, unexpectedly spiced with prized cinnamon and cloves". Best described as a spicy Pina Colada, I can detect the banana and vanilla notes also with a slight fruity pineapple twist. You know the song if you like Pina Colada's, well if you do I know you'll also enjoy this scent.

Waikiki Melon - "Aloha! Wake up to the sunny, sweet glow of exotic, juicy melons with a touch of sweet orange oil." Out of the five this is the most artificial in terms of scent and has a very sweet almost sickly melon scent with not detection of orange oil. If you are a huge fan of melon or fruity scents then you may like this otherwise skip.

Turquoise Sky - "Calm, salty air with hints of sea grass and musk, float gently on ocean on an adventure beneath a bright blue sky." Another typical aquatic scent nothing more or less to say.

All in all the new additions are very fresh and perfect for the milder weather which is hopefully on the way.
I bought these from eBay for 90p each -link