I've had a few stressful days as of late, first my youngest cat went missing for close to 36 hours only to turn up with a broken leg and cuts. Cue numerous visits to various vets and animal emergency centers over the last 24 hours and sky high stress levels. Let's file this story under cat lady woes shall we?

Anyway like most when a bout of stress hangs over my head like a black cloud I can become a little anxious and unsettled but hey who doesn't! Normally I take a few Kalms, spark up a lavender based candle and read a book but what about when you are on the go? I mean I can imagine i'd get a few funny looks and choice words should I wander around the streets of Glasgow with a lit candle... admittedly I have seen odder things. So for those little hectic "give me my space" moments I have been whipping out Tisserand's De-Stress Aromatherapy Roller Ball to clear my head and offer a soothing blend of natural oils.

Tisserand's De-Stress fuses together soothing organic patchouli oil, re-balancing organic orange oil, nurturing ethically harvested rose oil for a light, bright scent that is familiar enough that comforts but light enough that it lifts and dare I say it motivates and helps to calm frayed nerves. I like to think of it as a quick but reassuring hug in a glass tube, the type of hug that says everything will be okay so (wo)man the f@*k up and get on with things...i'm perhaps more Scottish than I like to let on. 
If this sounds like something you think you'd benefit from (the comfort rather than the overly assertive remark) they you may be pleased to know that all Tisserand blends are free from parabens and from synthetic fragrances. As mentioned this product is a roller ball (10ml) so it can fit in even the smallest bags perfect for a quick moment of reassurance (cuss words optional) even on a rammed 8am city train!

Tisserand De-Stress Aromatherapy Roller Ball £5.50 via Tisserand - link