Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation is the base doing the rounds at the moment with many a beauty blogger raving about just how wonderful it is but what if like myself you don't have the best skin and again like myself have become a little too reliant on heavy coverage foundations?

Well first things first (stupid saying really as they can't come second) yes the packaging looks pretty high brow - a glass bottle with white accents that exceeds it's budget friendly price tag (currently on offer for £6.99). However it irks me a little that the bottle is without a pump, okay you can just pour a little out and use it that way but let's face facts you will waste product and frankly that is just a messy way to go about things. Some have suggested using a MAC foundation pump but I can not vouch if that would work or not.

Pump issues aside Revlon should be commended for the huge shade range their newest foundation offers.
Too often new foundations hit the market and the shade variety is so limited that many of us go without but with Revlon Nearly Naked coming in ten shades I do think most will find a suitable match. 
For reference I am an NC35/37 in MAC foundations and find shade 170 Natural Beige to be a spot on match, it has a great golden undertone and mimics my skin tone wonderfully. In terms of texture this is quite a thick foundation despite the light connotations the name may suggest. It does however apply beautifully be it with a brush, fingertips or sponge and feels like a second skin on the face. In a word weightless, it does not cling to dry areas nor does it settle into pores and in my experience when set with powder is completely oil skin safe. In terms of wear I found on my oily skin when set this wore really well and was still going strong around the 8 hour mark so no complaints there.

So coverage, well you can not expect anything other than light coverage from a product claiming to be nearly naked can you? For those like myself who are a little self conscious about their natural skin I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss this product. Okay so it's never going to cover quite like a heavy foundation but it does correct and even the skin tone much better than your typical tinted moisturiser and gives a natural but with a slightly dewy finish. The phrase my skin but better comes to mind. If like myself tinted moisturisers and BB Creams don't offer enough coverage but you are looking to take a step away from heavy bases then I do recommend giving this a go, teamed with a little concealer and powder I found it offered enough coverage to hide my light acne scarring.

I can see this being my summer foundation, perfect for wearing in the warmer weather for a lighter finish without going too "naked". A big fat thumbs up from this usually heavy foundation gal that's for sure!

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation 30ml/£6.99 (will be £8.99 from the 13th of March onwards) via Superdrug - link