As soon as I glimpsed a preview of this dream of a neutral palette I knew there and then it had to be mine, the fact that the MUA Undress Me Too Palette only costs £4 was of course all the more pleasing.
For £4 you get 12 beautifully pigmented eyeshadows in various finishes in a sleek palette which is perfect for travel, not to mention it is being hailed as a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette.
The best £4 I've spent this week? You betcha! 

All of the shades within the MUA Undress Me Too Palette are named (one of the first MUA palettes to do so) for reference the first six shades are the top row and the last six shades are the bottom row. 
So on with a quick shade and formula break down!

Naked - A matte cream shade that leans fairly yellow, matte in formula a little chalky and not as pigmented as the other shades but nothing to really worry about. Close in shade and finish to Urban Decay's Foxy.

Devotion -A bright gold shade that has a slight orange tone, metallic in finish and rather well pigmented.
Close to Urban Decay's Half Baked.

Shy - Essentially the shimmer/metallic version of the Naked shade, well pigmented and soft in formula. Close to Urban Decay Bootycall but not as cool in tone.

Fiery - A warm, mid toned metallic copper shade that again has no issues in colour pay off. Close to Urban Decay's Chopper shade.

Lavish - A very cool toned almost ashen mid tone brown that is matte in formula, it is a little prone to product fall out and again slightly chalky but matte eyeshadow formula's seem to be something all high street brands all struggle with. Close to Urban Decay Tease.

Dreamy - A deep but warm toned golden brown that has beautiful pigmentation levels and is butter soft in formula. Close to Urban Decay Snakebite.

Tranquil - A cool toned almost antique old gold shade that again is faultless in formula. Close to Urban Decay Suspect.

Exposed - A light silver grey shade with a slight olive green undertone, again no notable faults. Close to Urban Decay Pistol.

Reveal - A light, cool toned silver shade that again leans slightly green in tone, again no notable formula faults. Close to Urban Decay Verve.

Wink - Another bronze shade that has a slight purple undertone, once more no formula faults. Close to Urban Decay YDK.

Obsessed - A slightly firmer in texture shimmer finish shade that is a deep chocolate brown, sadly this is a little prone to dryness and product fall out. Close to Urban Decay Busted but it doesn't lean quite as purple in tone.

Corrupt - A flat matte black shade that isn't as ashen as the other mattes within this palette. Close to Urban Decay Blackout and all other matte black shades.

Is it a dupe for the Naked 2 palette? Yes it really is and an extraordinarily wonderful one at that!
On the whole the eyeshadows are well formulated with only a few being a little ashen but as mentioned
matte shades tend to be where most highstreet brands fall a little short.
In terms of wear when primed I have never experienced any problems with the MUA formulas and can easily achieve 8 hours plus of wear time and that is with my oily lids.
I'm not one to be an enabler or anything (who am I kidding) but I do highly recommend hitting your local Superdrug and laying claim on this palette, you won't regret it.
The MUA Undress Me Too Palette get's a big fat Sunday Girl approval!!!

MUA Undress Me Too Palette £4 via MUA Store - link
and is also available from selected Superdrug stores.