I initially saw a leaked image of the new Lavin ME scent thanks to the vogue beauty team and have been intrigued ever since. The bottle is showy yet simple and refined - built on the concept of a gift, I can't pin point what draws me to this fragrance but the allure is there!

Alber Elbaz says: "Lanvin Me is more than a fragrance. Its composition tells a story expressed in each separate shade. It resembles a portraiture of the feelings and emotions of a moment, like a fascinating melody of the senses."

The first fragrance that came to mind when I read the note composition was Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb...of course not having compared the two that is purely my imagination getting in the way. Lanvin Me has top notes that include soft floral notes which are juiced up and sweetened by the addition of ripened blueberries that are slightly toughened up with a licorice kick as the heart note. To ensure the scent lingerers on the skin base notes include intense yet seductive tuberose complementing.

As mentioned this gets the thumbs up from the Vogue Beauty team so I am expecting big things come it's launch this April.

Image Credit - Fragrantica