Now that winter is nearing an end and I have paid off my summer holiday balances I have only one worry on my mind - getting beach and summer ready. Nothing puts the fear of God quite in a lady than realising that in a matter of months those wobbly areas that have been nestling under layers of clothing will once again have to see the light of day...panic stations at the ready!

Luckily (well so far I am still quite young) I don't have cellulite but that doesn't stop me from worrying about the prospect. I have read that massaging a good body oil into the problem areas combined with dry brushing will not only prevent cellulite from appearing but also improve any dimpled areas.
The idea being that you are improving the circulation and encouraging the skin to plump itself up.

If this sounds like something you would like to try out for yourself I highly suggest coupling dry brushing with a daily application of Balance Me's Super Toning Body Oil. This light but highly luxurious oil which features a blend of moisturising oils such as : jojoba, macadamia, sweet almond and wheat germ, all of which also ooze fatty acids and vitamins to give your skin all over glow. To use simply massage in large round circular movements to any problem areas (thighs I'm staring directly at you!) and allow the product to soak in, which it does in a matter of moments, leaving behind a natural invigorating scent which is courtesy of a blend of  bergamot, geranium, lavender and juniper natural oils.

Now anyone who reads this blog fairly frequently will know I despise any greasy residue from any product let alone an oil, so it pleases me greatly to tell you all that not only does this body oil moisturise the skin in a way no body butter has done thus far but it also leaves behind no traces of residue what so ever.
A quick and easy product that moisturises, helps improve skin tone and the effects of cellulite?
It has to be my must have summer preperation must have, I enjoy using it so much that I'm going to splash out and purchase the matching body out beach's worldwide am a coming!

Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil* £20/200ml via Balance Me - link