In my mind Cold Cream was always something I associated with older generations such as my Grandmother and older not something you'd find in a twenty somethings handbag...oh how I am now eating my words.
Like most beauty junkies I have a whole array of lip balms and I am forever finding them stashed in weird places, I kid you not I have found one in the fridge before...I don't even drink so I can't blame it on that!

The latest lip balm that is rocking those cotton socks straight off my feet is Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm!
I never expected any product that contained petroleum to be as it good as this is but oh my goodness it is amazing!
I'm sorry trusty Carmex you may have been replaced because this little stick of creamy balm not only instantly hydrates the lips but it instantly offers a comforting cocoon that repairs and heals cracked, painful lips.  The extra soothing relief element is provided with the healing capabilities of Avène Thermale Spa Water. Yes the formula is rich but not at all sticky nor does it feel like vaseline or any other cheap and cheerful lip product. If you are not a fan of overly scented lip products and let's face it some balms can be sickeningly sweet but want a good hard working lip balm then I do suggest picking up this little wonder from the French brand Avene.

My friend who skis regularly up in Avimore has been practically begging me to share this with you all for around a month as she swears by it for hitting the slopes, so any keen skiers take note!
The rest of us...well take note from the side lines haha!

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm* £5.05/4.5g via Escentual - link