Today I'm trotting off to my mothers to run a huge big bubble bath, crack open a good book 
and relax...ah bliss!

It wouldn't be a Sunday without a pampering session would it?
This week I do have to warn you that my product choices are 99% REN based,
I promise this was a complete accident but can you really have too much REN...nope!

All baths should involve a splash of REN's Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil*,
it has the most indulgent pure not synthetic rose scent that feels wonderful in the water and leaves the skin both soft and delicately fragranced.
A full size purchase of this oil is on the horizon for me that is for sure!

Before I can exit the bath I have to shower afterwards, I just don't feel fully clean otherwise and this gives me the perfect opportunity to try out REN's Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash*.
To finish my Rose Otto trilogy I plan on slathering the matching body cream,
I'm not that diligent with body lotions, creams or butters, it is one of my 2013 beauty resolutions to dry harder to prevent morphing into some scaly reptile.

Unsurprisingly my face mask this week is by REN (I promise this isn't some weird advert in blog form), the Invisible Pores Detox Mask is getting its first outing and I'm really hoping it will live up to all the hype I have read surrounding it.
Truthfully any product that as much as hints at clearing clogged pores and I will snap it up
in a desperation to solve my life long problem of enlarged pores...sigh!

Despite declaring that I'm over winter I'm going to give myself a mani/pedi using Rococo's Brocade Creme
which is a strong, deep, vampy wine shade while surrounding myself with the delightful notes of Laura Mercier's Creme Brulee candle.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!