Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Models Own Dancing Queen Nail Polish - Review

Christmas may be over but I am not quite ready to give up on the glitter polishes just yet
and the newest addition to my collection is Models Own Mirrorball polish in Dancing Queen.
Dancing Queen is the most divine chunky green glitter polish ever, a medley of various sizes of chunky glitter in shades of silver, blue, green and gold that really pops when layered over a black or deep polish.

The shape of the glitter does affect the polish effect, this is most certainly a heavy glitter polish
and more rock chick than delicate but that is why I love it.
I'm not one for soft glitter polishes, when I paint my nails with something glitter based I want all the razzle dazzle in the world and it to be in your face.
As essentially the base of Dancing Queen is clear the colour combination possibilities are endless meaning it will take a long while before I ever bore of it which is always a plus point in my book.
For reference I chose to pair it with China Glazes' Smoke and Ashes.

Models Own Dancing Queen Nail Polish £5/14ml via Models Own - link
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  1. Yes! I love chunky glitter. I need this polish in my life.

  2. Looks lovely xxx

  3. Love it :)

  4. Such a gorgeous coat of glitter! I just got my first Models own in Indian Ocean, Ive used it on top of a blue but I want to see how it does on a darker shade! They have such pretty glitters!

  5. Looks gorgeouss!

  6. I have the collection there so rock chick.

    Kate @ sparkle dust xx

  7. They look lovely! I love Models own polishes. My favourites are purple ash and nude beige! Worn them both to death!

  8. wow, I love this. I haven't seen a nail varnish like this yet. I love glitter varnishes atm, I think £5 would be an investment with this item. And like you've mentioned it's really diverse.

    Love it.


  9. This is amazing! Glitter polish isn't just for Christmas, I wear it all year round! So pretty!
    My Little Blog ♥

  10. That polish is really pretty. The question is: could I justify adding it to my collection? ;)

    Rachel x

  11. That's gorgeous! I love the rock-chick look xo

  12. What a beautiful polish! I love the look of this, I bet it would look gorgeous layered over so many different polishes! xx

  13. I LOVE glitter nail varnish, I've been using Models Own Hed Kandi in Ibiza Mix!


  14. ohh wow, its stunning! i think the mirrorball polishes are my favourite ever collection.. a trip to boots is in order haha! xx

  15. This is gorgeous! Its always a good time for glitter :)

  16. really want to try some from this collection, they look so nice!


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