Hayley Williams Collection for MAC

Last year saw MAC pair up with Beth Ditto well this year MAC and Hayley Williams of Paramore fame
have teamed up to create a small, mostly orange toned collection.
Annoyingly MAC are once more re-promting the Lightscapade MSF, the third time in less than a year!
That aside the lipstick and nail polish do sound right up my alley.
This collection is online only and launches mid-April stateside so it should be UK bound around May.

MAC Hayley Williams Collection (Online Only)

Sounds Like Noise - Bright true orange (Matte)

Eye Shadow 
Daydreaming - Frosted mid-tone coral (Veluxe Pearl)

Mineralize Skinfinish 
Lightscapade - Soft candlelit beige with multi dimensional shimmer

Nail Lacquer 
Riot Gear - Bright true orange (Cream)

What are your thoughts?

Full credit to Spectra and the user Mac-Guy 

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  1. I like the sound of the nail polish!

  2. Ooooh, an interesting pairing. Will definitely be checking that one out. It seems MAC always team up with very loud females. I'd like to see them bring out something like a Emma Watson collection or someone with similar style.

    1. Oooh, I like the idea of an Emma Watson collection.

  3. This sounds really interesting and I think some of it will be sold out fast!


  4. Sounds like an interesting collection! The lipstick sounds rather scary though haha. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  5. I love the idea, but hate that everything is so orange based!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  6. Not a fan of Hayley Williams or the sound of this collection, but I'm actually pleased they're repromoting Lightscapade, as its currently in the 'goodbyes' section on the MAC website and I'm on a spending ban that includes MAC! So I'm glad to hear I should be able to get a hold of it if it later in the year if it dissappears before my spending ban ends! Xx


  7. Nice idea to team up with Hayley Williams but surely everything doesn't need to be orange just because she's recognised for her orange hair? :/ I think they could've been so much more creative with this! xx

  8. Quite an interesting collab! Unfortunately I'm not a fan of orange so I'll be giving it a miss I think! x

  9. oooh like the fact that they're teaming up with Hayley Williams, but not too sure about the orange theme, so sick of Lightscapade being rereleased again, why don't they just make it permanent and then they can promote a nicer msf! lovely post hun xxx

  10. The lipstick sounds right up my street! I love Lightscapade too x

  11. Orange is not my fave of colours, especially when it's super strong!
    It sounds like the range really captures Hayley Williams though :)
    MAC's collaborations are always very intersting, might have to give this one a miss though!

    Great post
    Rae xx


  12. Excited about the orange lipstick. I'm in the market for a nice one. Pity these sorts of collections sell out so fast!

  13. I love Paramore and Hayley but I'm not a fan of orange so we'll have to see! xx

  14. I love the sound of the skin finish, never tried one, always borrow my friends but this one sounds mor duo my street

  15. so excited for this collection to be promoted! Love hayley williams, so i'm looking forward to swatching the lipstick! It's rather annoying about the re-promotion of the MSF but it must mean its a popular one!

    lovely post darling

  16. The MSF and the nail polish sound nice but I wouldn't buy anything else


  17. I love Paramore! This is really cool but Id only try out the lipstick. Lightscapade isnt such a great highlighter

  18. I loveee Paramore ! I've met the group last year and it was awesome. Can't wait for the collection, I'm sure I'll buy something even though orange isn't my favorite color

  19. Personally I love Lightscapade & quite like the idea of MAC teaming up with Hayley, however to have everything (except the MSF) orange is going a tad overboard. Id like to see them team up with someone really creative not necessarily someone in the public eye, and to release a collection without re-promo's (unless of course its the fantastic Volcanic Ash exfoliator) :-)


  20. Love the lip colour, its amazing! Shes so gorgeous



  21. I think they could have chosen more of a make-up icon to release a range with...I dont think Hayley ever looks that good!

  22. ooh this sounds fun! I have been a big fan of Hayley for many years now, and absolutely love MAC so this could be exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing what the products turn out to be like, but the lipstick sounds lovely :D

    www.irdbeauty.com xxx

  23. OMG! I am so excited! I looooove Hayley, she is so gorgeous and just amazing, can't wait to try some of these! xxx

  24. Hmm I like that they're embracing more alternative females for their collections, but doesn't seem like that much thought has gone into this. I love the idea of the orange lipstick but for my colouring (and probably a lot of others) think it'll be a no-no xox


  25. Aw, I was hoping for blushes. I love Hayley though.

  26. Weird one, she's not exactly known for her face or make-up. Odd pairing.

  27. If you rally know the band , I really like this band YES its Really sounds like Hailey Williams of Paramore

    check the videos crush crush and Misery Business ; and specially the last one she has orange eye-shadow , Hayley is also known by her colored hair mostly intense orange

  28. the lipstick sounds lovely, but would give a miss to all the other stuff I think! x


  29. Meh, what a random!

    I think MAC are running out of A class ideas.

    Jules x

  30. Now this one is more like it, I love Hayley! The lipstick sounds cool but we'll see how well I can pull off a bright orange..


  31. I just love the boldness of this collection! It really captures the essence of Hayley. I hear she was inspired by an orange crayon. LOL. GO figure!

    Nonetheless, I ♥ the collection. It has some really great items. My favorite is the lipstick.


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