Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion - Review

I am terrible at moisturising my body, I try to be more vigilant but the truth be told I am one lazy, lazy lady and i'm not all that sold on the texture of most body lotions or body butters.
The last thing I want to do on a cold night or morning after a warm shower is stand there in the scuddy nuddy (nude) is to hop around waiting for it to soak in and dry...sorry for that visual!

Complaints aside the colder weather has really dried out my skin particularly on my shins and fore arms
so I have had to man up and moisturise those areas after showering and before bed so I don't resemble a reptile come the spring...again sorry for the visual.
Now I have tonnes of lotions and potions in my stash but the body lotion I have been reaching for the most has to be Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion which pains me to say as it is pretty pricey at £30...gulp!

So why this over all my other body lotions?
Well not only does this add moisture to to the areas of my body that need it most but it also tightens the skin over regular use resulting in me slapping it on pretty religiously to the wobbly areas - yes thighs i'm talking to you and belly while we are at it you could do with firming up too.
The body lotion itself has a light butter like texture which absorbs into the skin pretty instantaneously and features a fresh, light, botanical scent. The idea behind Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion is that it visibly minimises any signs of ageing or damage caused by sun, cold, heating and air-conditioning. 
It of course does what any good body lotion does and smooths out any dry, rough patches and improves the skin tone. Gently removes, not to mention it is refreshing and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth to boot!

It was my heavily pregnant friend who turned me over to  Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion she has now had two babies and is stretch mark free which she credits to this lotion, she also used it while on holiday to feed sun drenched skin in place of an after sun.
Pricey yes but a little goes a long way, it is a great multi-purpose moisturiser and most importantly it works.
Will you be giving  Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion a go?

Clarins  Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion* 200ml/£40 via Clarins - link

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  1. I really wanna try this one, sounds like a great lotion!

    Nathalie xx

  2. I'm an E45 girl through and through. I try other more glam products but always go back to it.

  3. Have this moisturiser,I love it! Fab review

  4. this sounds like a really cool moisturizer. I too am very lazy in moisturizing I have to force myself to take my makeup off every night but this sounds so worth it! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  5. Ohhhh I frigging love this stuff! So quick and easy to whack on ughhh why does it have to be so expensive! I received a 100ml bottle as part of a gift with purchase and am savouring the last squirts ha. Great review! Xx

  6. Eeek it's pretty pricey when I'm used to my Soap & Glory! However... it sounds amazing and like the perfect boots advantage card points purchase ;) guilt free shopping!!! :))) xxx

  7. I got this as a free gift with some xmas bits I asked for, in it's full size! Madness but definitely gonna try this now I've heard it's good! x

  8. This sounds so amazing, i really want to try this now!:)

  9. Love this product, so classy! And am enjoying reading your blog as always - you're on my favourite blogs list here :)

  10. I should really try this out! I have the same problems

  11. Wow I want to try but the price tag is deffo a turn off ):
    Fashion Ganache.

  12. Great review and I agree with every word, this is a lovely moisturiser. I also got it as a GWP and really enjoy using it and more importantly it really works!

  13. I use body butter. It's the best fareness in the market.Relay, it is won my mind.

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  15. This lotion makes my skin softer than any other lotion I have used, smells good too!

    Body moisturizing spray


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