Why is it the older you become the more hectic Christmas becomes?
As a youngster I was never roped into half the things I am these days...hmmph!
If like myself you are feeling a little stressed I suggest taking a few minutes or hours to yourself 
and have a well deserved break.

Tonight I'm going to squeeze in my weekly pamper, it was meant to happen yesterday but 
as I spent a good part of my evening doing last minute Christmas food shopping my bed was more
appealing than a face mask.

Tonight I am going to be using both of my Dot by Marc Jacobs shower goodies* so I smell fabulous
and will be treating my locks to a good dose of Herbal Essences Tassle Me Softly Hair Mask.
As it is Christmas Eve I felt the need for something a little more festive than usual so I will be giving
myself a quick scrub with the Body Shop's Cranberry Body Polish*...yum!

As I've mentioned in a few posts now that my Christmas manicure will be courtesy of Essie's Leading Lady
which has slowly won me over and frankly I can not think of a better time to sport red glittery nails can you?

This weeks candle is a vintage scent by Yankee by vintage I really mean retired - Yankee Feliz Navid
which is of course a Latin Christmas song.
My Christmas tradition of burning Yankee's Christmas Eve will continue once I settle down to watch
a Muppets Family Christmas in bed with my new PJ's on...I'm actually yawning at the though of this, bliss!

Before I go to bed I will be trailing out Clinique's new Moisture Surge Overnight Face Mask* which launches on the 1st of January but don't worry I will have a full review on my experiences before it launches.
A quick dab of Carmex lip balm and I am ready to dream of Sugar Plums...okay who am I kidding
Christmas dinner and presents haha!

Have a great Christmas everyone!