With this being the first stash post of December you'd think my choices would reflect my festive mood
but nope this week it seems coral once more rules my heart.
Oh well perhaps next week I could aim to include more berry based choices?


MAC Star Wonder MSF
It has been so long since I last used this and I'm hoping this light peachy blush
with a golden nuance will perk up my dull complexion.
This is such a beautiful shade but as will all decent MAC MSF's it was a limited edition..sigh!

FashionistA Blush in Juicy Apricot
This was my most used blush in the Spring/Summer 2012 but since August I don't believe this poor
shade has had much of an outing which is a shame as it is a lovely, light peach shade
that gives a healthy glow and is a joy to wear.


Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette
When I first got this I wore it pretty much all day everyday but recently I have been really lazy with 
my eye make-up and mostly settling for lashings of mascara, so this week I have decided that
I really should at least slick on some neutral eyeshadow to make myself more presentable.


Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait
I'm still a huge fan of Revlon's Lip Butters and hope that 2013 sees some new shades being added
to the line up, i'd even settle for the shades the UK didn't receive but the US/Canada did.
I've mostly been reaching for Macaroon when it comes to my lip butter stash but this week I have decided
to mix up with the addition of Peach Parfait.
This shade can be a little gritty but there is no denying that the shade is rather pretty to behold.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Desert Bloom
The Moisture Extreme formula is Maybellines best lipstick formula ever,
it is hydrating yet loaded with pigment and for a high street lip stick you really can't beat it.
I have not worn Desert Bloom in forever but the deep medley of pink and brown
is great for the winter months without going down the red/berry route.

Have you shopped your stash recently?