It's cold outside, I'm on a diet for the run up to Christmas so I'm slightly grumpy and forever hungry (what's new there I hear you say!) so what is a a girl in need to do?
Grab all her favourite products, pop on a Christmas film (today i'm watching Love Actually for the first time)
and have a pampering session that's what!

Let's begin with shower time which will be a treat as I have two utterly beautiful Almond scented products by L'Occitane to enjoy, firstly I will be using the Amande Delicious paste which is a body scrub
that is gentle yet effective and smells good enough to eat...yum!
I will also be using L'Occitane's cult Almond Oil Shower Oil which is incredible, even those who avoid oil based products such as myself will enjoy this!
It is so moisturising yet non-sticky and simply perfect for the winter chill, a full review to follow.

For my face this week I am relying on three of my favourite products ever some of which I imagine
you are sick to death of me mentioning, hey if it ain't broke don't fix it!
Clairns Pure Melt Cleansing Gel is my holy grail cleanser, nothing compares to it and I can always
rely on it to cleanse my skin effectively without the worry of dry patches or a break out.
If you are looking for a new cleanser I really can not recommend Pure Melt Cleansing Gel enough.

This week saw the arrival of a black head on my cheek and I will be the first to admit that I did panic
mainly as I had no pore/blackhead removal strips and I could see it taunting me.
Later that day I applied a thin layer of Vichy's Normaderm 3-in1 product as a mask, not for the sake
of the blackhead just for a general deep cleanse, as I removed it I massaged the skin and once my skin 
was mask free I noticed the blackhead was gone...hallelujah!
Once more I am using this product as a mask, it is soap, alcohol and parben free
and has been formulated for acne prone skin, as a mask I adore it!

I wasn't going to include YonKa Pamplemousse in this post but as it is all I have been using 
as of late as a moisturiser I think it is only fair that it gets a mention.
Last week I had a break out from hell, lots of red, aggravated blemishes under the surface of my skin
all because of trialing a new BB Cream.
If I can rely on one product to calm my skin and take care of breakout's it seems to be YonKa Pamplemousse even though that is not what it was designed to do.
As it is a thick, protective moisturiser loaded with essential oils I can think of nothing better
to protect and hydrate the skin this time of the year.

Today I finally get to try out my new China Glaze nail polish addition in the shade It's A Trap-eeze
which is a creamy white base loaded with various sizes of colourful glitter.
I'm more than a little in awe of it and can't wait to show you all it in action.

Last but not least my candle choice is Yankee Sugared Plums which is bright, sweet and fruity
all the while being very festive and fitting.

Have a great week everyone!