Saturday, December 22, 2012

OPI The Great and Powerful Collection for Spring 2013

To coincide with Disney's Wizard of Oz move which will feature Mila Kunis , Michelle Willams
and other Hollywood starlets is OPI's The Great and Powerful Collection for Spring 2013,
which not only features six whimsical nail shades but a groundbreaking formula which is being dubbed
a liquid sand - dries matte but glimmers and glitters under the light.

Lights of Emerald City - White Confetti
Don’t Burst My Bubble - Creamy white.
When Monkeys Fly! - Gold confetti.
Glints of Glinda - Only a good witch could turn beige from meek to chic.
Which is Witch? - Silver glitter with iridescent sparkle.
I Theodora You - Sheer pink.

What Wizardry is This? - Liquid sand/rich taupe.

No exact date for the collection launch as of yet but the movie premieres on March, 8th stateside
which should mean the polishes launch in late February if the past is anything to go by.

Truthfully not much catches my eye from this collection so it will most likely be a skip for me
but it does look like sand textured polishes will be the new "it" formula for 2013
with China Glaze also launching a good few sands to mimic sand - The Texture Collection - link.

Is anyone a little surprised that there is no ruby slipper nod?

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  1. I'm loving the glitters! The liquid sand seems really interesting, I'm looking forward to hearing if it lives up to the hype!

  2. i think i need the whole collection! can't wait! the glitters are sooo beautiful! i'm curious how the the liquid sand polish will turn out on the nails!

    Deleeylah :)

  3. liquid sand and when monkeys fly! look amazing. so interested in the liquid sand though, would be interested to see swatches!

  4. What Wizardry is This? my favourite :D

  5. Not too keen on the film, and tie ins with OPI are getting a bit gimmicky for my liking.

    But the sand one looks interesting!


  6. Very surprised they didn't include a proper red..not very excited about these colours I'll probably pass the collection thank you!

  7. This has really caught my eye, I don't normally take note of these collections!

  8. oh god, I think they all look so beautiful! bank balance may suffer! x

  9. it looks fantastic! can't wait til it will release in germany♥

  10. I love all things Oz but I am slightly underwhelmed... and I totally agree with the no Ruby Slipper, and also - no emerald green for the land of Oz?! Surely not!!

    Liv x

  11. These are lovely! I want all of the glitters! Can't say no to a bit of glitter and sparkle :) x


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