Nars Outlaw blush has been around for quite some while, it launched as part of their fall/autumn collection
around September and has teased me ever since.
I finally made the plunge with some House of Fraser gift vouchers,
does anyone else see gift vouchers as free money that should be only used for frivolous things?

What can I say about Nars packaging that has been said before?
It terms of design it is somewhat functional with a large mirror inside but the rubberised compact
attracts dirt and finger prints quite like nothing else I have ever encountered
and despite being coated in rubber it is not as sturdy as you may think!
Drop a Nars powder product and prepare to weep as mark my words they are prone to smashing.

Nars Outlaw is a mid toned, warm pink almost coral shade with a clear red tone,
on the skin it gives a rusty pink warm flush of colour that is not all that different from Nars Orgasm,
the main difference being this leans slightly redder and is a smidgen deeper in tone.
Much like Orgasm it has a golden nuance in the form of shimmer, which is fairly subtle
for Nars and doesn't seem to settle quite as much as other Nars blushes into enlarged pores.
If you always liked the idea of Nars Oragsm but found the shade too light then this is perhaps the shade for you as it is more pigmented and better suited to those with mid-deep skin tones.
For those wondering if you need both shades the answer is a re-astounding no!

In terms of formula I always classify Nars blushes as fairly firm, perhaps that is why the have a tendency
to shatter quite so easily but despite not being the softest blush around they pick up nicely onto
brushes, have minimal fall out and blend really well - no harsh lines that take an age to buffer out.
Outlaw is fairly muted in terms of shimmer which isn't always the case with Nars blushes,
so I do recommend it for those like myself who have some skin imperfections - pores/lines etc.
I don't find Nars blushes to present any problems when it comes to dry areas and on my oily 
skin when primed it wears for close to 6 hours before a little fading occurs.

This has sold out both on ASOS and The House of Fraser sites but you can still find it on Nars UK,
£21/4.8g via Nars - link