Stocking Stuffers and Secret Santa gifts should be cheap and cheerful,
I kid you not I overheard a girl on the train discussing a £30 office Secret Santa budget...what!!!
However sticking to a lower budget no longer means a gift that is less than desirable with more
brand offering some great quality gift ideas without breaking the bank.

Juicy Couture now offer two separate duo ended products : one with a lip gloss and perfume roller ball
of Juciy Couture Viva la Juicy and the other option is a double whammy of perfume - Viva la Juicy
and Viva la Fleur which retail for a penny short of ten pounds.

Not only would it make a great small gift for someone but the roller balls are ideal for those who fancy trialing out the scents before making a commitment to a large bottle or for those who already own and wear
either of the mentioned Juicy Couture scents but don't want to carry around a full bottle of scent
in their handbag...I can't say I blame them, perfume bottles often weigh down my bag!

A quick run down of the scents but always try before you buy to avoid disappointment.

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy - A bright, fruity floral that is the personification of girlyness,
if the colour pink was a scent I'd imagine it to smell like this.
For me this is perfect for the summer months when you require something light but detectable
without ever being sickly, one spray (or in this case roll) of this and you will be hooked.

Juicy Couture Viva la Fleur - similar to Viva la Juicy but has a softer, powdery tone
and it obviously more floral. I find this more suited to the cooler months opposed to Viva la Juicy that is
very much a summer/hot day fragrance in my opinion.

Juicy Couture EDP Roll On Duo* £9.99 via Debenhams but not currently available online.