With the countdown to Christmas fully in swing and plenty of festive gatherings in the pipe line
you may be thinking about putting some flesh on show in a little black dress but want a natural,
bronze glow to look your best?
Well Garnier Ambre Solaire have a self tanner for most skin tones and needs,
three of which I have been road testing.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Light Glow Dry Face Mist in Light
Sadly the light option did not show up on my skin but I can report that it dispensed easily
and unlike other facial tanning products this did not result in the mother of all break outs the morning after.
That aside the product was really easy to use thanks to the spray on function and although it is
marketed for facial use I often find that spray on tanning products are the best option to use
on the back of hands so you don't have tell tale orange palms!
I will definitely revisit this in a deeper option come the summer.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Self Tanning Dry Body Mist in Medium
This is the sister product to the above facial tanning mist and much like above this is a dry, non-streak formula that does not streak nor does it require an age to dry due to it being a dry mist which is a god send
in the chilly weather...trust me.
To apply you simply spray this on all the areas you wish to tan which is a complete breeze as the spray
will dispense product from any angle making all those once tricky areas like the back of your legs
a walk in the park and no rubbing is required!
Unlike other tans this does not stink like mouldy biscuits but has a delightful fruity scent that is refreshing
not warm and sickly...it reminds me a little of sun lotion.
I found the medium shade option to deepen my skin by around 2 shades which is perfect for the winter
months, it wore for around 3 days before fading evenly.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Self Tanning Mousse with Golden Shimmer
If mousse tanning products are your preference then the new Garnier Ambre Solaire Self Tanning Mousse with Golden Shimmer should be your festive must have.
This quick drying non-streak mousse shares the same fruity scent as the above tanning mists and dispite
not being a dry product it absorbs into the skin quickly and after a few hours have passed it produces
an even golden tan.
Yes it does have a light golden shimmer but I found that to disappear once I had showered the following morning, that aside this does wear slightly longer - around 4 days.

No tanning post would be complete without some tanning tips!

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