Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Minute Gift Idea

Calling all my last minute Lily's today is the last day (most items some can be ordered up until the 20th but better safe than sorry) that you can order something a little special from Not On the High Street for those near and dear this Christmas.

This year I decided to forego our annual wreath on the front door as it always resulted
in the poor thing being damaged and one year it was stolen...I'm not sure what you would do with a wreath
or why you'd want one that had seen better days but there you have it.
Anyway as a result we plumped for something a little different and settled on one of the most beautiful
festive floral arrangements that has graced my home in a long while.
We now have all the joy and decoration of a wreath bit instead of it being outdoors it is indoors
and we can reuse the bucket year after year which is always great, a new tradition in the making?
The mix of orange, cinnamon and pine is fresh yet romantic and perfectly seasonal.

Most readers of this blog will know that I adore candles and wax tarts but you really can't beat
a fresh flower arrangement to scent and decorate a room coming from a family of florists I guess i'm biased.
Fresh flowers make a great last minute gift idea especially for that one person in your life who
has everything and needs nothing!

So I ask you candles or fresh scents such as wreaths, real Christmas Trees or floral arrangements
to scent the home over the festive period, what is your preference.

Winter Noel Flower Bucket With Candle* £34.95 via Not On the Highstreet - link
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  1. someone stole my gran's hanging basket. It was a scabbiest hanging basket as well, had like two pansies in it and the basket itself was a plastic green one from poundland. People will steal anything.

    1. I think people do it just to be knobs, the other day my mum's boyfriend stood in some paint so my mum told him to leave his trainer outside. An hour later and someone had taken it, stolen the lace and put it on top of a car...welcome to Glasgow!

  2. Replies
    1. I think people do it for badness rather than to keep it which annoys me more oddly.

  3. It's very beautiful :) Like it in red...

  4. It looks gorgeous, and I bet it smells lovely and christmassy :) I can't believe that someone would steal your wreath, that's so sad xx

    1. It really does :) me neither but some people are asses ;) x

  5. Thats so cute , would make a perfect little gift for mum!:)

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