I'm back with another installment of my winter skin and body recommendations,
at the moment i'm more than obsessed with hand creams so today I thought I'd share my current favourites
but if you have any recommendations for a miracle hand cream do feel free to share
as I always on the look out for the next best thing!

Soap and Glory Hand Food £5/125ml via Boots - link
I doubt this will come as a surprise to most as it all I can talk about at the moment,
I enjoy how light yet truly moisturising the formula is and although the super girlie scent may
not be for everyone I have to admit that I really like it and more so with each use.

L'Occitane Magical Leaves Hand Cream £8/30ml via L'Occitane - link
L'Occitane was one of the first brands of hand cream I ever used, before it was just a quick slick
of excess moisturiser left over from my morning and night routine...I still do that, waste not want not.
Sometimes I find L'Occitane hand products to be a little powdery in scent and leave behind a light residue
but the magical Leaves version does neither and has a beautiful bright, fresh, floral scent
that I do wish wasn't limited edition so I could use it all year long!

L'Occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Milk Cream £14/75ml via L'Occitane - link
If I am not staying at my own home I like to pack light and try to take as many multi-use products
with me as possible and for a good all round body lotion and hand cream I rely on L'Occitane Bonne Mere.
Bonne Mere is a light, milk scented (think baby lotion not sour milk) thick lotion that isn't quite dense enough
to be classed as a cream product but it is hydrating none the less.
As mentioned above some L'Occitane products do leave behind a little residue and I find this to be the case
with this particular product so I don't use it daily but for a weekend away it is more than suitable.

Norwegian Formula Nourishing Hand Cream with Nordic Berry (not currently online)
The newest Norwegian Formula hand cream on the block is one infused with Nordic Berries
which gives the product a nice, little fruity kick that is not over powering.
I recommend any Norwegian Formula product for those who have extremely dry hands
as it is so hydrating and works instantly not to mention it is pretty budget friendly too.
I like to also use Norwegian Formula hand creams as foot lotions as they work a treat when
teamed up with a pair of cotton socks.

What are your hand cream recommendations?