There is no denying that Winter is the season of bath and body products,
wither it be a hot steaming bath with a dollop of bubble bath or the countless bath gift sets you will
wake up to on Christmas morning as "such and such" didn't know what to buy you and "you can never go wrong with a bath set", there is no escaping the stuff!

"Philosophy's snow angels come to call during the happiest season of all,
the warmth of their glow and joyful sound bring love and peace to those around.
Snow angels sprinkle sweetly fallen snow from the night sky,
as they hoover in the clouds watching over you and I, their kiss so sweet,
their hearts filled with joy, they bring holiday cheer to every girl and boy."

However the one brand that always tops my Christmas wish list is Philosophy,
they pretty much have a product for every season and event including Halloween and Birthday's!
The product that I buy over and over from Philosophy but in a different scent each time is their all in one product which can be used as a shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath.

This time around I swooped up a festive scent - Snow Angel, which is a light, delicate option
 that reminds me a little of baby products and all things clean and pure such as snow and fresh laundry.
If you like the idea of a Christmas shower product but like myself loathe spicy fragrances this
is one you may enjoy as the scent is soft and comforting much like a fluffy towel
but the silver tone of the liquid taps into the festive spirit without being too over the top.

As you have gathered by now this is a 3-in-1 product but I find it to work best as either a shower gel
or a bubble bath, as a shampoo it is a little too harsh on my coloured hair but I guess it could be 
used in case of a shampoo emergency.

What is your favourite Philosophy scent or product?
The one on top of my list is Silent Night.

Philosophy Snow Angel £14/480ml via Debenhams - link