A quick look at my last few days worth of posts and it is rather evident that I am going through
a blush phase and mostly those of the pink variety.
Illamasqua Tremble is not a shade that seems to be blogged about all that often instead when it comes to
picking Illamasqua blush shades most tend to go for Lover and Hussy.
Not that I blame anyone for making such choices as I own and adore both but I do want to give you a little
nudge, wink and suggestion in the form of Tremble.

Illamasqua packaging is nothing special and does feel a little cheap due to the overly plastic finish
but it more than does the job of protecting the contents inside which in this case is a blush.
What I do want to say in favour of Illamasqua is that their packaging is instantly recognisable
which must be tricky within such a vast market place and the other aspect that I enjoy about the Illamasqua
blushes is that each have a transparent window allowing you to see at a quick glance which shade is which -
particularly helpful if you have a good few of said brand's blushes in your stash.

Illamasqua Tremble is listed on the Illamsaqua site as a "soft lilac pink" which you can probably tell from 
the photos that it is not but is in fact a bright pink coral that isn't world's apart from the likes of Illamasqua
Lover but this shade is slightly more pink - Lover leans slightly more towards the orange end 
of the coral spectrum.
Despite being listed as a lilac pink which suggests it would lean cool in tone, I find Tremble 
to have a fairly yellow undertone resulting in it being neutral but I do want to warn you that if you apply
this too heavily it becomes stark and ashen so perhaps not the best choice for those with a deep skin tone.

Tremble is a matte blush which is finely milled, soft in texture so it picks up
really well on a brush and blends like a dream yet is firm enough to withstand general wear and tear.
It is also extremely light on the skin despite providing high colour pay off.
At the moment I am really enjoying matte formulated blushes as they don't highlight my enlarged pores
and seem to work rather well with my oily skin, you can also use matte formulas to contour!
I find this formula to wear around 8/9 hours on my oily skin before signs of wear appear.
As some may know I am a huge MAC and NARS fan when it comes to blushes
but I do feel that Illamasqua may have pipped them to the post as I can not recommend their blushes enough,
even if there is slightly less product!

Illamasqua Tremble Powder Blush £18/4.5g via Illamasqua - link