Wishing on a Star #2

Don't worry this will not be a weekly feature as I know that can grow tiresome
but it is nice every now and then to have a nosey of what other people are lusting after
and as I ran out of space in last week's Wishing on a Star post I thought it would be okay
just this once to let it spill over onto one more week...a double whammy if you will!

1, Urban Decay Smoked Palette, I don't really need this and I more than likely
have dupes or some of the shades inside the palette but that does not stop me lusting after it.

2, Illamasqua S.O.P.H.I.E blush, I can't say no to a pretty coral blush
and this one is calling my name, I can see myself purchasing this before the month is over!

3, Illamasqua in Creator , While we are talking about Illamasqua let me share my desire to own
this black polish with lots of silver sparkles, wouldn't it be perfect for the long winter ahead?

4, Essie Bahama Mama, This deep plum polish is everywhere you look in the beauty world
and despite having a summery name it is the perfect luxe shade for Autumn and I simply must have it!

5,YSL Rouge Volupte, I have no problem handing over the cash for MAC lipsticks yet baulk at other lipstick prices, I have decided the time has come for me to pick up a few YSL Rouge Volupte
lipsticks and the shades I have in mind are 1, 13 and 19!

6, Tom Ford Blush in Coral, I have a few Tom Ford lipsticks that I adore my favourite being Spanish Pink
but the time has come for me to branch out and next on my hit list is this perfect coral blush.

7, I phone 5, a bizarre inclusion given that this is a beauty wish list but ever since it has launched I have
had my eye on it but sadly my current Iphone 4s still has a way to go before the contract is up!
Same really as I would rather enjoy the new camera and all it's functions.
Available from Carphone Warehouse