Time to share some products that I have recently finished
as always I will share if I feel these products are worth sharing or not.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner (minis)
I opened a suit case and found a bundle of minis contained within and as I do enjoy Aussie's hair care
range I had to put it to good use immediately!
I don't have a bad word to utter about either product but will say that if you have dry hair
you should try this formula out and as always it smells divine!

The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Wash
If you have oily skin then I do feel you should try out The Body Shop's Seaweed range
particularly the moisturisers and the night products.
Sadly my skin found this wash a little drying this time around so it won't be an immediate re-purchase
but something I will revisit in the months to come.

Witch Oil Control Foaming Face Wash
I have nothing but praise for this product it effectively removes my make-up does not dry out my skin
and does help to combat both excess oil and any pesky blemishes.
This was an immediate repurchase and part of my current daily routine.

Area H20 Soft Water Conditioner
I have to admit that this product is a fantastic idea - a line of hair care created to work with your water type,
soft, medium and hard. I live in Scotland which has soft water that can leave my hair a little fluffy
and do have to admit that it works really well and smells truly lovely.
I won't be repurchasing this until next summer and even then I will be purchasing the hard water version
to take abroad with me.

Essence Lime & Cucumber Refreshing Wipes
I am very lucky in that I have a wonderful Spanish friend (hi Patrica) that sends me Spanish products
every now and then and knowing how much I adore these wipes she sent me another packet.
I am not the hugest fan of cleansing wipes but these I make an exception for as they do not irritate
my skin and are perfect for keeping in my bag for those just in case moments!

L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Eye Cream
I am a cheater, cheater, cornflake eater (not sure where I got that saying from?)
and have to level with you all and say that I did not finish this but tried it for about a fortnight
before deciding it was too heavy for my skin.
However my Gran has now finished it and insisted that I let everyone over 40 know that it is
one of the best eye creams she has ever used.
So not a repurchase for me but one for my little Granny!

Have you finished any products lately?