As some may know Mariah Carey will be launching a two part nail collection with O.P.I,
word has it that Mariah Carey actually attended beauty school and can do a mean manicure!
Most of the shades in the first part of the collection are shimmer/glitter based, with a few liquid sand shades and dare I say it they kind of scream Mariah...if you know what I mean?
The first part of the collection will launch in January 2013 and the second part a few months later.

Here's what we know thus far:

A Butterfly Moment - Frosty tan nude
Sprung - Shimmer based copper
Pink Yet Lavender - Pink glitter with lavender shimmer
Anti-Bleak - Deep, creamy purple
The Impossible - Matte glitter fuchsia , 
Can’t Let Go - Matte glitter purple
Get Your Number - Matte glitter blue
Stay the Night - Matte black with red glitter