Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mariah Carey for O.P.I Part 1 Information and Photos

As some may know Mariah Carey will be launching a two part nail collection with O.P.I,
word has it that Mariah Carey actually attended beauty school and can do a mean manicure!
Most of the shades in the first part of the collection are shimmer/glitter based, with a few liquid sand shades and dare I say it they kind of scream Mariah...if you know what I mean?
The first part of the collection will launch in January 2013 and the second part a few months later.

Here's what we know thus far:

A Butterfly Moment - Frosty tan nude
Sprung - Shimmer based copper
Pink Yet Lavender - Pink glitter with lavender shimmer
Anti-Bleak - Deep, creamy purple
The Impossible - Matte glitter fuchsia , 
Can’t Let Go - Matte glitter purple
Get Your Number - Matte glitter blue
Stay the Night - Matte black with red glitter
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  1. Oooh, generally not that excited about all these ridiculous opi collaborations, but I love matte nail polish, so I'm happy to see more matte shades than usual. :)

  2. Hi!! I loved the colors of the nail polishes!! I don't have any OPI nail polish, they are too expensive here at Portugal.
    I have a International Giveaway going on my blog:


  3. Oh dear, this is so dangerous for me! I love OPI, especially when they do special collections like this :) xx

  4. I love OPI nail polishes and i love Mariah carey :) Special collections are a must for me and i can see myself cheekily getting this as a treat to myself hehe~ Can't wait until the proper colours are known! xxx

  5. WOW! I love Mariah.. I love OPI.. I'm loving THOSE shades ^ There goes my money lol x

  6. That glittery nail polish! Mmm :)

  7. Not sure about these, three of them look like mud! The brighter shades and the glitter are okay though. Hope the rest of the collection is more appealing! x

  8. Love the sound of the matte glitters, as Mariah has something to do with it I'm sure the colours will be gorgeous ha xox

  9. Amy that might be because browns and tans look better with people who have a tanner skin. You seem a little pale in your picture so I'd recommend the brighter colors for you. The browns and the tan leave that to people who have some color.

  10. Is the Mariah carey polish set supposed to look like caviar nail polishes? i just pre-ordered the whole set from , but i'm not sure if it is going to create the same effect as the caviar polishes. does anyone know?


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