I struggle with oil based products, I really do, I want all the benefits that oils often bring to the table
yet I can't wrap my head around the horrid greasy texture that being said I have been doing rather
well with hair oil and have a new favourite to share in the form of Goldwell's Versatile Oil Treatment.

As the title suggests it is versatile and has a good few ways that it can be used some of which are more
oil hater friendly than others!
You can of course use this as you would a typical hair oil - on wet hair before blow drying and then styling
and I have tested it in this way and can report that it leaves the hair looking and feeling silky soft
with a good level of glossiness and no sticky residue what so ever!

However you can also use this as a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment and I have to admit that
this is my favourite method to use this hair oil, to use it in this way you simply apply to the hair before
popping in the shower and rinsing off and shampoo/conditioning as normal - you can apply to wet 
or dry hair.
Other ways to use this oil is to use on dry hair to seal the ends and tame any frizz/fly away's
or to mix a little in with a conditioner to make a deep conditioning treatment.

The main reason I favour this hair oil over others is that it absorbs quickly into the hair
and despite being thick in texture it does not weigh the hair down nor does it leave my hair feeling lank/greasy, couple that with it's multi-use properties and great scent and you have a winning formula.

Goldwell's Versatile Oil Treatment* is a saloon exclusive to find your nearest stockist visit here - link