I'm sure most will at some point or other have read me harp on about my love for the beautiful
country that is Turkey, my favourite place on earth is Istanbul...not that I've ever left earth.
With that in mind I tend to be drawn to anything with Turkey/Turkish in the title much like a magpie
to anything glittery, I do also enjoy glittery things too...y'know just in case you were wondering!

While browsing my Avon brochure (yep they still exist) I stumbled across Avon's Planet Spa Turkish Baths Black Soap and ordered it there and then.
The brochure doesn't really go into much detail about what it is but essentially it is a light scrub, that you apply onto wet warm skin and use to slough off any dead/dry skin but it is slightly more than a scrub
as it cleanses the skin dead down and can help with blemishes like those some of us are prone to.

The Turkish Black Soap is thick with a slightly eucalyptus scent which I guess you will either love or
loathe, personally I think it is perfect for this time of the year where colds seem to creep up on us all.
It does claim to be a thermal product which I thought automatically implied that it is a self heating product
but I didn't find that to be the case but it is a great gentle scrub that has a wonderful winter scent
and is a great addition to my shower routine especially when I need a little treat.

Avon Planet Spa Turkish Baths Black Soap 200ml/currently on offer at £3.30 via Avon - link