Worry thee not I have not suddenly come over all kinky
but in fact have another candle I would like to share with you all today
and as you may well have guessed it is called "Sex on Fire"
which will more than likely be inspired by the Kings of Leon song of the same title,
man I used to love those guys...

Anyway Sex on Fire is a beautifully presented candle from Bomb Cosmetics,
it comes in a large tin which has been rather funkily decorated and contains the most gorgeous
bubblegum pink candle with four little wax hearts - the devil is in the detail.
I have to say that I am shocked by how large the candle is, I really did not expect something
quite so big and weighted when I clicked order, not that I'm complaining.

"Fruity, refreshing notes open with yuzu, apple, zesty lime, mandarin, kumquat and juicy pineapple. The soft herbal heart mixes waterlily, orange blossom and freesia with the woody base of amber."
It is a scrumptious fruity concoction but not so much that it has a summer vibe,
the madarin is the most prominate note but it is relaxing and perfect for burning in the evening
for winding down...if only I had a bath tub and a really good book!

If you are having a rubbish day and/or the weather outside is less than pleasing
this is the perfect scent to curl up with and soak up the mood enhancing scent.
As mentioned the candle is pretty sizeable and when treated right it will burn up to 35 hours
filling your home with a sweet yet zingy scent.
I do highly recommend trying Bomb Cosmetic candles as they are really well made
and beautifully designed, next on my list is the Arabian Nights version.

Bomb Cosmetics Sex on Fire Candle £7.99 - link