My jokes are so bad but the truly tragic thing is I do find myself hysterical (that's the main thing surely?)
but hilarity aside I do want to share O.P.I's James Bond Collection which launches in October 
and features a glitter shade that I do think will cause chaos amongst the beauty world.
I think The Living Daylights could be this year's Rainbow Connection!

The coolest part about this 12 part collection pretty shades aside is that each shade
is named after 12 famous Bond films...not that I've seen any but let's pretend I have shall we.

Golden Eye - Gold glitter 
The Spy Who Loved Me - Shimmer based red 
Die Another Day - True red
Casino Royal - Rich plum
You Only Live Twice - Shimmer based raspberry
Skyfall - Indulgent burgundy 
Moonraker - Metallic silver 
Tomorrow Never Dies - Cobalt blue 
The Living Daylights - Multi-coloured glitter 
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service - Teal
Live and Let Die – Deep petrol
The World Is Not Enough - Shimmer based gun metal

Do any shades make your wish list?