It is no secret that I am a cat lady in the making and have been since I was around 7 
and got my first kitty cat...he was called Mogg and man was he a grumpy little mofo
anyway I digress in sharing what is an amazing and truly honourable cause.
100% of the proceeds from the sale of Cupcake will go to all our feline friends at the Southern Nevada 
chapter of the SPCA, amazing when you consider it is one individual behind this.

Cupcake is the second shade I have to share from the Hot Mess Lacquer range
and is a pretty pastel pink base that has more glitter than you can shake a stick at.
The glitter is a mix of large hexagonal chunks and a whole array of ultra fine iridescent glitter
that more often than not gleams gold.
Cupcake is inspired by the Palace of Versailles' Hall of Mirrors and just oozes pretty pink glamour.

Unlike most glitter polishes I own I find this to be at it's best when worn alone,
the sheerness of the polish seems to work well with the base shade and lets the glitter do the talking.
In my opinion some polishes don't need to be opaque to be beautiful and this is the case with this one.
But hey that's just my preference if you wanted to layer this over another polish you
could do so with ease and I can see it lending itself beautifully to most pale pink polishes.

I have nothing but praise for Hot Mess Lacquers they not only apply well
but also dry within a reasonable time frame not to mention the presentation
and brush that comes with the polish is of a very high standard.

I bought this for around £7 (give or take a £1) via Etsy - link
for reference I live in the UK and my order took around 10 days to get to me which is pretty speedy!

Nail Polish Disclaimer - I no longer comment on the wear time as we all apply polishes differently (top/base coats etc) and as I change my polish almost daily sometimes several times a day due to swatching purposes I do not feel that I can fairly comment on wear time.