I have known for a few weeks now that GOSH Holographic nail polish would be back on 
Superdrug stands but I didn't even bother trying to track it down as last time around it sold out
pretty much instantly and would go for mega bucks on eBay.
This time around I sourced it with next to no fuss and my local Superdrug actually had four bottles in stock.
And possibly the best news so far...it's permanent as far as know so no need to panic!

I no longer have my original bottle of GOSH Holographic, it died a death many a month ago
but it seems pretty identical to the shade I once coveted so badly two winters back.
GOSH Holographic Hero is a sliver base that dances every colour possible when exposed to 
sun light or held under artificial light.
I will be truthful and say that without light bouncing off the surface it is a dull flat light silver
that will leave you thinking what is all the fuss about but once in sun light you will understand the hype!

What I admire about GOSH  in this instance is that it makes no false claims and states that it is
a one night only polish and signs of wear will set in very quickly.
I did find GOSH Holographic Hero to apply a little streaky, it will be opaque after two coats
but you may have to go over certain areas of the nail to fix any little streaks and uneven patches.
The polish dries in lightening speed and should you want your manicure to last a little longer than
24 hours I suggest applying a good top coat on top to prolong wear.

So will you be tracking this down?

GOSH Holographic Hero £4.99/8ml available in selected Superdrug stores.