Whenever I review a BB Cream the most asked question is always have I tried any of Garnier's
newer BB Creams, with that is mind I simply had to pick one up to see what the fuss was all about.
There is a good few new variations of the original Garnier BB Cream now readily available
but the one best suited to my skin type is the oil free version.

The packaging is nothing to write home about nor is troublesome in any shape or form,
the oil free version of Garnier's Oil Free Miracle Skin Perfector comes presented in a long
squeeze style tube with a slim nozzle that dispenses the product fairly well.
It is worth noting that this is not the thickest BB Cream in terms of texture so don't push too hard
on the tube or you will end up with excess product and as a result waste.

Garnier's Oil Free Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream comes in two shades - light and medium,
now this is one of the few BB Creams western or not that lives up to the medium shade claim
and is a great mid tone shade suitable for most medium skin tones as it does adapt and blend
into the skin's natural skin tone when applied.

As always I have included my mole as a coverage reference.

So what does it claim to do and what does it do?
Garnier claims that it mattifies the skin, reduces the appearance of imperfections (blemishes etc),
hydrates, evens skin tone, gives a healthy glow and has an SPF 20.
First of all I do have to be that guy and point of that it is very thin and loose in texture
and not at all as hydrating as the Asian BB Creams but as oily skin types don't really require such
levels of moisturisation I don't deem this to be an issue but I do feel it is worth pointing out.
It does glide on the skin with ease and covers moderately well concealing most imperfections
such as my acne scarring and providing a great even base.
I do not find it to settle into my enlarged pores nor does it highlight any other imperfections.
The glow element I do not understand as it settles to a matte finish and wears oil free on my 
particularly troublesome oily skin for close to 8 hours when set with powder
before signs of oil and wear creep in.

All things considered Garnier Oil Free BB Cream is a really great UK high street BB Cream that delivers on so many levels and is one that I do regularly reach for on light make-up days.
If you have oily skin and fancy trying out a BB Cream this is certainly one I recommend giving a whirl.

Garnier Oil Free Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream £7.49/40ml via Boots - link