I've been a little quiet on the skin care front but that is because I have been slowly
working my way through the new skin care range by Elizabeth Arden
which aims to show you a visible difference in as little as 6 days!
With that in mind I simply had to trial the Visible Difference Range.

The range is quite vast with over 12 products all of which are split into skin type 
categories,  I have been trying pieces from the oily/combination range.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser* 

"When your skin is a combination of normal and oily, it’s important to use a cleanser that can do the job without overdoing oil control. That’s because healthy skin needs vital moisture to look and feel great. We’ve used 100 years of spa experience to create this multi-tasking foam that uses micro-beads to gently clean and remove dead skin without upsetting the delicate balance your skin requires. Leaves your skin feeling revitalised and looking healthy throughout the day. Be sure to follow with a toner for refined looking pores and a fresh, soft glow."

I'm not the hugest fan of facial scrubs as my skin tends to break out rather quickly with anything
harsh or scrub based but this exfoliating foaming cleanser not only has a mild spa like scent
but it cleanses gently and effectively while buffing away dead/dry/dull skin without stripping
the skin or irritating my skin. A great all round cleanser that I highly rate!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Oil Free Toner*

"Clean pores and a matte finish are important if you have oily skin. This oil free toner provides astringent benefits for cleaner skin and helps minimise the look of pores, while skin soothing botanicals calm and refresh skin. Better still, it works over time to help intercept oily skin problems for visibly clearer skin. Oil-free, dermatologist tested, allergy tested and non-acnegenic."

Not many products instantly leave the skin looking matte without stripping and drying out the skin
but Elizabeth Arden's Oil Free Toner does all the while removing any excess oil or dirt/grime/make-up that you may have missed while cleansing the face.
As it is oil free it is the prefect choice for us with oily skin and has a great spa like scent
that I look forward to using both day and night!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Oil Free Lotion*

"Oily skin needs hydration too. You just have to give it the right kind. This oil-free wonder leaves your skin properly hydrated and smooth-looking with a soft matte finish while delivering lasting shine control and fighting breakouts. Clinically and dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic."

It is true that oily skin does need moisture just as any other skin type does but the problem with 
oily skin is that many moisturising products are simply too intense and can make oily skin worse
and no-one wants that...trust me.
This is a light fluid that instantly hydrates while providing a great matte base for applying make-up on top off.
If you struggle finding a great oil free moisturiser that is light yet hydrating then call off the search!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Balancing Night Cream*

"Scientist have found that sleep is a time for our skin to repair itself. In fact, skin cell regeneration almost doubles at night. Make the most of your skin’s natural cycle with this multi-benefit Skin Balancing Night Cream. This lightweight yet highly effective cream delivers balanced hydration all night while working to restore and firm the look of your skin. Skin is left relaxed, revitalised, and ready for a beautiful new day."

Sadly I found this to be a little too heavy on my skin and didn't really feel that it ever truly absorbed into
my skin, at first I thought perhaps I had put too much product on but the problem persisted for 
a good week before I had to call it quits and realise that this product is not for me.
The Skin Balancing Night Cream is thick and luxurious and does hydrate but is too heavy for oily skin
types and would be better suited for those who have dry/normal skin types.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturising Eye Cream*

"Start caring for the skin around your eyes today and you’ll reap the rewards later. The skin here is delicate and needs just the right amount of moisture. The unique blend of tried and proven ingredients in our eye cream work deep within the skin’s surface layers and complements your skin’s own moisturising process. The eye area is left looking fresh and smooth. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and is recommended for daily use."

This eye cream has the prefect consistency - thick yet light and super absorbent so it soaks
in within moments of application leaving the delicate eye area feeling moisturising
and revitalised. Unlike the other products in the line this is scent free, soothing and cooling
and probably my favourite item in the entire range.
This eye cream will not heal or remove dark circles but is does a wonderful job of keeping
the skin around the eye moisturised and in turn will help prevent premature ageing.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Brightening Eye Gel*

"The delicate skin around your eyes sometimes needs extra special treatment. Roll on our soothing clear gel packed with natural extracts to enliven tired-looking eyes, reduce the look of puffiness and target dark circles. Your skin is lightly moisturised and left with a smooth matte finish. Ophthalmologist, clinically and dermatologist tested. Fragrance free and suitable for contact lens wearers. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and is recommended for daily use."

Now this is a must have if you suffer from puffy eyes and/or dark circles, the clear gel is dispensed
by a cooling metal tip that helps to massage in the gel instantly reducing puffiness and soothing
the eyes as it goes. It dries to a matte finish so you can use it over make-up and I have been using it
to reduce irritation when my eyes become itchy throughout the day...a nifty little product!

So have I seen any differences over the week period?
Yes I have my skin has certainly been less oily and clearer which is something I am forever on the quest
to achieve, the only product I did not get on with was the night cream but I seldom have much success
with evening products as they are just too intense for my skin type.
However on the whole I can recommend the range for oily skin and my top recommendations
go to the both of the eye products and the oil free toner especially if you are a fan of matte skin!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference* skin care products are available from Boots and Debenhams  - link
with prices ranging from £17-£38.