If like myself you are *ahem* less than skilled in the fine art of nail art
let me be the one to introduce you to Nail Art's Nail Tattoos
which are the easiest nail art you will ever encounter but show stoppers in their own right!

Each pack comes with 60 nail transfers/stickers so there is enough to do 6 full sets of nails
if you choose to go for full on nail graffiti or up to 10 nail looks if you are a fan of the accent nail trend.
The designs are all based on famous/cult tattoos and are so easily applied that you may feel
slightly smug once you admire the finished results!

So how are they applied?
You simply choose the transfer you wish to apply,
peel off and smooth onto the chosen nail...yes it really is that straight forward!
For prolonged wear simply slick on a top coat and you are good to go.
If you are feel extra swish you could also use these to adorn your tootsies.

So what do we think? 

Nail Art Nail Tattoos*  £5.99 - link