5 little capsules to make you beautiful. 

"Protecting your skin more effectively from the inside ensures beautiful, youthful, glowing skin is now achievable. With 5 capsules in one daily sachet, each capsule is different and targets a specific skincare issue. See skin firmness, texture, glow and hydration levels increase within 12-18 weeks of consistent use. Targeting five skincare concerns, including: ageing, hydration, healing, correcting and radiance."

Newly launched in Harvey Nichols is the BioCorrex skin care system which consists of 5 supplements
which you take daily to hopefully see an improvement within the skins firmness, texture, glow and hydration levels over a 12-18 week period.

I was sent a four week trial which contains 28 individual sachets that contain each days supplements,
as mentioned it is 5 capsules - Inter-Serum (the age-defying capsule), Skin Plump (the hydrating capsule), Inter-Repair (the healing capsule), Green & Berry Pro-Bio (the correcting capsule), Whole Vitality (the radiance capsule which you can take together or spaced out throughout the day with water.
I have only just embarked the course and find it easier to just take them all at once, that way it is over and done and you don't run the risk of loosing a capsule...yep i'm pretty scatter brained.

I'm not the best at remembering to take supplements/vitamins but I do feel this stands a better chance 
of succeeding than previous attempts as each days supply is well packaged and great for popping
in a bag and taking on the go should needs must!

I haven't noticed any results as of yet but we are still only in the first week, I do have to be honest 
and say I'm finding the 5 capsules at a time a little hard going but I'm hoping that will ease up with time.
I have decided that should I see a dramatic difference over the 4 week period then I will purchase another
box or two and continue with the course but if not at £60 a pop i'm afraid it will have to fall by the way side.

I will update with my progress in 4 weeks but should you want to trial this system
you can find BioCorrex* at Harvey Nichols stores £59.95/28 day supply.