For a few weeks now my scalp has been rather itchy and generally irritated,
this always seems to happen whenever I colour my hair so I do try and hold of colouring my
hair or applying any harsh chemicals for as long as possible.
However when you have more roots than normal hair and an accidental ombre job 
as a result it is time to slap on a dye.

To help calm the irritation I have been using a mix of as pure as possible hair products 
and good old T-Gel Shampoo, my quest for paraben/silicon free products lead me to discovering the
new Timotei range which is infused with 100% organic extracts and free from colourants, parabens
and silicones and costs £1 a bottle.
Too good not to try wouldn't you agree?

The Timotei Pure Haircare is a range of four products - a 2-in-1 shampoo, a normal shampoo, 
a dry shampoo and a conditioner all which are aimed at normal to greasy hair.
The products are all infused with green tea extract which results in a surprisingly fresh green/leaf
type scent that always works wonderfully in hair products.
In my opinion the coolest part of this range is that as well as the four products above you
can purchase a refill bottle of shampoo which has 87% packaging than the regular bottle.
So not only is the products kind to the hair and scalp but also the environment!
I hope they roll out the same idea for the conditioner too.

Over the last year or so I have tried and tested a number of natural hair products free from parabens etc
and the one thing I could never quite get to grip with is the lack of foam/lather the shampoo's produce.
I know that lather doesn't necessarily equate to a good product but I feel cleaner when a product is
rather sudsy and I can happily report that the Timotei Pure Shampoo fits the bill nicely.
It lathers up a dream and leaves my hair feeling clean while being gentle to both my hair and scalp.
The conditioner is also of great quality, thick and moisturising without being heavy or leaving
behind a residue on the hair shaft.

Not bad for £1 a bottle eh!

I can not find these online at the moment but they are £1 a bottle in Asda
and around the same prices in most drug stores and supermarkets in the UK.