I bought these a few weeks ago and like a fool left them in my friends house 
who then went on holiday for a fortnight...yep massive fail on my part!
Well said friend returned on Sunday so I nipped round and picked these little tubes of 
shimmery goodness and can now share my thoughts on the Rimmel Wake Me Up 
Instant Radiance Shimmer Touches.

The Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touches come packaged in small white squeeze
tubes that are adorned with orange detailing that coincides with the rest of the Rimmel Wake Me Up line.
The squeeze style of the packaging works well with the texture of the product housed inside
but I do fear that when I near the end of the products life span that a lot of liquid/cream will be wasted.
However you can also snip of the top of the tube and scrap out the remains, frugal and all.
The dinky size of the tubes makes them perfect for travel and they are fairly robust with tight screw top lids
that do not seem prone to leaks.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touches come in two shades 002 Radiant Rose which is a muted dusky pink that has a slight blue tone and is not quite as shimmer based as you'd expect from a product with "Shimmer" in it's title but it does have a slight sliver gleam in some lights.
The shade option is 004 Shimmering Sand which is a light bright golden bronze shade that has a golden pearl 
finish and is more shimmer based than Radiant Rose.
Both shades are fairly concentrated so a little goes a long way and I do deem the shades universal.

Surprisingly both shades are fairly pigmented and more like cream blushes both in colour pay off
and in texture, which is actually a good thing as this allows the product to be more multi purpose.
Due to the decent pigmentation levels of the Radiance Shimmer Touches you can apply them in the 
same way you would with a cream blush, they layer well without caking or looking heavy.
Radiant Rose works best as a blush and Shimmer Sand makes a light subtle bronzer which can be used
on both the face and body - blend a little into your shin bones to elongate your legs.
Shimmer Sands also makes a great addition to any liquid foundation for all over radiance. 
You can of course use these for the purpose they were intended as a liquid/cream highlighter,
I found the best method to apply these in such manner is to buff into the skin using a flat topped blush
to expose the shimmer particles in all their glory.

When worn as blush or bronzer I found the Instant Radiance Shimmer Touches to wear for around 
six hours before my oily skin took over but as a target highlighter on areas such as my cheekbones
it stayed in place for at least 8 hours and only really budged when removed with a cleanser.

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?

Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touches 14ml/£4.99
but they are currently on a 3 for 2 via Superdrug - link