Admittedly myself and felt pen style liners do not bode all that well,
it really is due to habit - I'm rather used to a brush and gel liner.
So I did approach the Nars Eyeliner Stylo with caution but I needn't have worried
as it turns out the Nars Eyeliner is pretty straight forward to use!

As to be expected from Nars the packaging is matte, black and rather sophisticated
but most importantly the nib of this pin although fibre based it is robust
and does not leak product nor does it smudge when in use.
The nib itself is super fine at the tip but thicker at the base and due to it being constructed of fibre
it is flexible without being flimsy so you can create both thick, fine and all that is in-between line strokes.

Nars Eyeliner Stylo's come in four shade and I have the classic black shade which is called Carpates.
Carpates is a deep true black with no blue undertones nor does it pull grey on my skin,
a rather odd thing to say but my skin tone has a habit of turning black shades grey?
Although a liquid liner is really easy to control and does not smudge due to it drying quickly,
the fine pen style and size makes application straight forward and the fibre nib feels gentle on the eyelids
and does not pull or tug at the delicate skin area.

On my oily eyelids this truly stayed in place for a full 9 hours (upper and lower lash line) before the colour dulled a little but it did not flake, smudge or smear even during the horrid humid days we have been having of late.You can apply it to upper and lower lash line as well as the water line, truthfully it doesn't fair quite so well on the waterline but then again what does? It wore for around 3 hours on my waterline.
If you use liquid liner daily I do recommend picking this up as it is so long lasting and a deep true black,
now if only I could master the art of achieving even cat like liner... practise makes perfect and all that jazz!

Nars Eyeliner Stylo in Carpates* £19/0.7ml via HQ Hair - link