This is not my first dabble with Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes,
once upon a time a silly girl who shall remain nameless *cough cough me!* owned
a lovely watercolour blush that saw her through the good times and the bad
only for the fool to leave it behind in a hotel in Madrid.
I never really forgive myself for loosing things...

Anyway before I tell you my life story, warts and all (i've never had a wart, true story!) let me
share the glory that is Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in the shade Cherub.
I am completely enamoured by their dinky little squeeze bottles, they look more at home
within an artists palette than in a make-up bag but although cute in stature they are utterly practical,
robust and the perfect size to travel with be in abroad or everyday errands.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes come in 12 various shades 
but today I will be focusing on a mid toned dusky pink that is dubbed Cherub.
Cherub is fairly cool in tone with a slight blue tone however the duskiness of the shade is presented with a light brown tone but do keep in mind that as this is a water based product the coverage is sheer so the blush will work with most skin tones as it works with your natural tones rather than masking them.
Cherub reminds me slightly of MAC Mocha albeit a little lighter and in liquid form.

I'm sure along the way most of use with have used a cream blush of some sort
which is what I somewhat assumed that this would be similar too...boy was I wrong!
This a loose thin liquid that sounds more frightening than it actually is.
To use you simply shake and a dispense the tiniest amount on to the back of your hand
and then apply to your cheeks using either your fingertips or a brush, the product suggests buying the watercolour brush but I have found a typical foundation brush to work perfectly fine.
When you first use this you will be shocked at how well the blush is pigmented yet it provides the most natural sheer coverage with a dewy finish.
You can easily build the blush without any problems and on my oily skin it wore without any signs
of wear for 9 hours but had potential to go a little further.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Cherub* 15ml/£14.50 via Hairtrade - link