I have so much love for the country that is Turkey more specifically Istanbul,
it is such a beautiful place that has a ring of magic in the air and is a treat to all the senses.
If you ever get the opportunity to visit please do as it is one of the few places in the world
I would happily call home given the opportunity.

I bet you are wondering why I have began a beauty post rambling on about my travels?
Well you can't travel all the way to Turkey and not sample some rose based products
namely the Turkish Delight and the product I am about to share reminds me greatly of the
rose scented products I tested while haggling in the grand bazaar!

Palmolive have recently launched a few new scents to their expansive product collection
and the one that scent that I highly recommend sampling is the Damask Rose and Musk range.
Truthfully speaking I find most musk and rose scented products to teeter on artificial or simply
more suited to elderly women but Palmolive Damask Rose and Musk eerily reminds me of authentic
Turkish Delight and Rose Water that for 5 minutes in the morning I can close my eye and pretend that
I am back amongst the hustle and bustle that is Istanbul!

It's a warm, inviting floral scent that is feminine without being sugary sweet and the great thing is that the
Damask Rose and Musk scent which features complementing scented products such as a hand wash
and body lotion so if like me you like to have a matching range of products in the bathroom you can!

Palmolive Damask Rose and Musk* range is now available in most UK Supermarkets
and Drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug.