Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thierry Mugler Aqua Chic Collection - Review

Recently launched by Thierry Mugler just in time for the Summer season is two new scents,
I say new but really it is his two best sellers - Alien and Angel with a slight aquatic twist and in EDT form.
The Aqua Chic collection is perfect for those who love one or both of the original scents but crave something a little lighter and more warm weather appropriate or for those who wanted to like the original scents but found them a tad too heedy!

Truthfully both Aqua Chic editions do not smell all that different from the originals,
they are just a little fresher with a slight aquatic tone and less of the powdery notes that I feel the original scents settle to. In my opinion they are perfect for day wear and a great spin on the already existing Theirry Mugler scents, fans of Alien and Angel should seek these out immediately!

With a new edition comes some rather swish specially designed bottles which feature embedded glitter!
As you'd expect from Thierry Mugler it is subtle and very tasteful and as it embedded within the glass
it does not fall off onto your hands, clothes or furniture.

Angel Aqua Chic is composed of lemon, pink pepper, corn flower water lying on a base composed of patchouli and vanilla. Perfumer of this edition was Aurelien Guichard.

Alien Aqua Chic is a new version of Alien, created of ginger water, lemon verbena, freesia, on warm notes of wood and amber. Perfumer of this edition was Dominique Ropion.

If these interest you then you will have to be quick and head to your local Thierry Mugler stockist
and test them out as they are limited edition and truthfully Angel Aqua Chic was pretty difficult to source!

Both editions retail for £40 - Alien 60ml, Angel 50ml - link

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  1. I used to sit next to a girl in school who would spritz herself with Angel so much (3 times in an hour lesson) just the sight of the bottle hurts my nose! Its a definite love it or hate it scent x

    1. haha I'm a little like that with Alien...opps ;)

  2. I love the Angel scent. I was probably like that girl in your school lol, my sister got me hooked and put on sparingly is a beautiful scent.
    Victoria's Secret scents are summery too. I have link on my blog:

    1. Haha that's just what I said only i'm like that with Alien :)
      oh gosh don't tempt me, I can not wait for the VS store to open in London!

  3. I love the bottles, they are so cool! thanks for sharing

  4. The bottles are so so gorgeous, im a sucker for theirry mugler scents!x


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