Sunday is here and boy am I glad to see it!
Anyway to kick start the upcoming week let me share with you my neglected product choices
that I plan on working in with my most used products for a little diversity.

Mac Lightscapade MSF - I seldom reach for this and I know how lusted after this MSF used to be
and can recall how excited I was to finally own it earlier this year. However I find the shade to be a little
ashen and rather difficult to get the balance just right - too light a hand and you see nothing and I mean 
nothing...not a sheen, not a gleam...nothing. Yet too heavy a hand and it looses any radiance qualities
and looks ashy so yeah not the best highlighter I have ever encountered.

Mac Bite of an Apple Blush - It's been a while since i've properly worn a red-ish blush 
although this is basically a coral blush the red tone is pretty prominent and a step away from
my usual orange/peach cheek choices.

Sisley Instant Perfect -  The lack of sunshine is driving me and my skin crazy, while I was away the sun dried up my excess oil problem but now I am home it is back with a vengeance and my make-up is slipping
and sliding all over the place! Let's hope this puts a stop to that.

Stila In the Light Eye Palette - I'm back on the eyeshadow wagon and quite some time has passed since I have reached for this truly stunning palette. In the Light has shades that has shades suitable for day wear all the way through to evening, it also has a great mix of matte and shimmer shades so something for everyone!

Mac Vegas Volt - It pains me to admit that I often plan to use this shade, slick it on and then wipe it off deeming it to be too bright for everyday wear but I really do need to mix it up a little and step away from my usual brown based pinks!

Mac Reel Sexy - I know this was quite the hit when it launched a few months ago but it hasn't
received much love from me since which is a same as I do love a good orange/pink based Coral lipstick.

So that is my choices for the week, what about yours?