Astral All Over Moisturiser is something i'm sure most us British girls are more than used to
seeing in our Grandma's or older relatives bathrooms?
Well what if I told you us younger ladies can use it really!

The original formula is specifically formulated for mature skin and is an all over moisturiser - hands, body and face it's safe to use this on any body part that requires moisture.
Now obviously being in my early twenties I have no need for mature facial creams just yet but
due to the lack of summer, central heating and plenty of clothing layers my body and feet light have seen better days and does require an intensive bout of moisture every now and then.
That is when Astral original formula steps in the super thick yet gentle moisturiser is perfect for such occasions as it rapidly moisturises without being too heavy or leaving behind any residue on my skin.

Also when you are just out the shower and don't want to be spending too long being naked (oh la la)
the last thing you want is a moisturiser that takes forever and a day to absorb while you are literally freezing your butt off, Astral absorbs instantly.
In terms of texture this reminds me of Nivea's Cold Cream - it is far too heavy for facial use for my skin type (oily) but those who have extremely dry skin can also use it to remove make-up or as an intensive
facial moisturiser every now and then.

Fairly recently launched is Astral's Light which boasts all the same moisturisation benefits of the original 
formula only lighter and enriched with the benefits of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera - it smells delightful!
Although not stated by Astral I do feel this is the formula to purchase if you are not concerned quite yet by 
the ageing process or if you suffer from oily/combination skin and require a light moisturiser.
Much like the original formula this can be used anywhere on the body and face and is one of the few cold
creams that I would actually use on my face as a moisturiser if caught short.

I have been using Astral Light as a cold cream cleanser and have found it to be really effective at
removing most of my make-up ( I didn't test it on my eye area) as well as being hydrating
and soothing. The texture of this cream is light and closer to a gel formulation, it absorbs instantly into the skin and again does not leave behind any residue or weigh the skin down.

Have you ever tried Astral or are you intrigued by the brand now?

Astral is available from most Superdrug and Boots stores as well as most UK Supermarkets and Chemists.