Today I have two lipsticks that are made from 100% natural ingredients and are cruelty free
all that and they have won countless awards!
Sounds promising don't the?

"NATorigin lipsticks are made from 100% natural ingredients and have been certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife. The super-moisturising formula is rich in waxes (carnauba wax, candelilla wax and beeswax), oils (sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil, marula seed oil and castor seed oil) and shea butter to soften and protect the lips. Meanwhile, the addition of orchid extract creates an extremely soft and smooth texture, for the most luxurious feeling lipstick. The formula is suitable for people with sensitive lips or allergies. NATorigin lipsticks have won no less than 4 awards, most recently scooping Best Lipstick at The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2012."

The packaging is pretty basic but with a twist, instead of the usual black tubing that the majority of lipsticks
come encased in the NATorigin lipsticks are prettily presented in bright cerise pink cases.
Yes they are plastic, lightweight and don't feel as expensive as some other brands do but I have to admit
that the bright pink has me smitten and it does make spotting the lipsticks in amongst my stash that little easier. Most importantly the cases are sturdy and the lipsticks are well moulded into the tube so they 
do not feel flimsy and can take a knock or two!

I was sent two shades to trial Coral (51) and Papaya (55).
Unlike some brands NATorigins colour descriptions of their shades are really well written
and sum up the shade wonderfully making online purchasing that little easier.

Coral is officially listed as a brick red which is completely apt, Coral in this case is a mix of red and brown
that runs fairly warm in tone. I don't have any shades similar to compare it to but it is well pigmented
and should suit the majority of skin tones, personally this is not a shade I would purchase
as I find it a little too mature for my taste but I can imagine it to look fabulous on really light skin tones.

Papaya is summed up as a nude peach and again I completely agree and couldn't describe it better if I tried.
Payaya isn't as well pigmented as Coral but delivers a light glossy nudey pink sheen to the lips
which is not all that dissimilar to Mac Hue but perhaps a little cooler in tone.
This is definitely an everyday shade for me but it will also work really well with an evening smokey eye look.

The formula of the NATorgin lipsticks is almost a lipstick/lip balm hybrid, something similar to the Lip Butters by Revlon but a little firmer in texture. Needless to say they glide on effortless and have a soft, supple texture
that is firm enough to hold it's shape and not a formula I would worry profusely about melting in warm conditions - not that you should leave it out in the sun but you understand where I am coming from.
With the deeper shades (in this instance Coral) I do recommend using a lip liner as it did bleed slightly
but generally the formula is fault free, it moisturises, covers without clinging to dry patches or settling within
fine lip lines and it has a great glossy finish resulting in you being able to skip lip gloss.
In terms of wear I managed around 3 hours with each shade before signs of wear and tear began
to show.

NATorigin Lipsticks are available from and selected pharmacies £15.50 each*.