Truthfully I have never watched T.O.W.I.E nor do I have any intention of doing so but I have to admit that Lauren's Way Self Tanning range has been taking the beauty world by storm!

The version that most interested me was the nearly launched Dark than Dark lotion which promises a tan that is deeper than deep. Lauren's Way Darker than Dark Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion is the self tanner that has topped the lists of the tanner to have by beauty junkies and celebrities alike!

The lotion itself is thick, luscious and has a pleasant enough scent. Although it is thick it applies fairly easy particularly if you use a mitt which I highly recommend. As the lotion is tinted you have a guide colour which should prevent any streaks or patches. I also found Lauren's Way dark lotion to dry fairly quickly
which is always a trait I look for in a self tanner...freezing my nuts off while I wait on product drying
tops my pet peeves list!

The guide colour is extremely dark and does look a little alarming when applied but once showered off I found the end result to be a natural olive based ran which deepened my skin tone by around three shades.
Yes I looked tanned but not scarily so...phew!

As mentioned the end result is olive so the shade is green based and not orange, I liken it a little to a slightly deeper version of St Mortiz Dark Self Tanning Lotion. I do not recommend applying this to your face as it will settle into any pores and make you look dirty and it may break you out as it is intended for use on the body. 

If you are looking for a great deep yet natural self tanner I would recommend this!

Lauren's Way Darker than Dark Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion £17.95/250ml - link