While browsing H&M I stumbled across their Body Splashes and instantly added both scents to my cart - Drops of Orange and Citrus Passion.

Truthfully it was the packaging that caught my eye, something about the style and colours of the bottles reminds me of American brands such as Sephora and Victoria's Secret and at £1.99 each I knew if I disliked the products when they arrived it wasn't too big of a loss!

Thankfully I like both of the scent options but will admit that they veer a little sweet and are not what you would describe as refined more Impluse Body Spray than Coco Chanel but they are fun, fruity and perfect for a light dose of scent.

As a matter of fact they are ideal for summer and warmer weather as not only do they lightly scent the skin
but they cool the body too making them ideal for packing if you are off on you travels.

Have you tried any H&M scents?

H&M Body Splashes £1.99/200ml available from selected H&M stores and online - link