Hi! I’m Hev from Farewell to the Fairground -link and I’m going to be sharing my summer make up 
essentials with you today. When the weather is nice here in the UK (or I’m lucky 
to be jetting off somewhere warm!) I never like applying lots of products so I 
have collected a few of my favourites that I will be reaching for over the next few 
months (although, probably not all at the same time!) to show you all. 

Benefit High Beam (1.4ml sample size), Benefit They’re Real mascara and 
Figs and Rouge balm in Aloe and Mint.  

I love highlighting products come summer time (as this post will demonstrate!) 
especially High Beam. Despite it being a smaller sample size, this little pot has 
lasted me ages and I’ve still got a lot left. I like to use this on my brow bone and 
occasionally on my cheekbones to give my complexion a subtle dewy glow.  

Benefit They’re Real has swiftly become one of my favourite mascaras. It 
lengthens and adds volume to my lashes unlike any other mascara, but the 
reason why I have chosen to include this is due to the longevity of it above everything. 
It lasts all day without smudging so I imagine it would be perfect for 
staying put in hotter weather (although I cannot vouch for it being waterproof or 

I think one product that would crop up in anybody’s summer essentials would be 
a lip balm of some sort. As a regular user of Vaseline I never felt the need to sway 
until I came across these balms by Figs and Rouge. 
They come in an assortmentof different scents, including aloe vera and mint (pictured above), cherry, cocoa 
vanilla and pomegranate. Not only is the packaging so unique, these balms can be 
used on your lips, face, hands and body so they really are the perfect item to keep 
stashed in your bag come summer.  

L’Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer and L’Oreal Lumi Magique Light 
Infusing Foundation (in Rose Pearl)  

I haven’t stopped using either of these products since I purchased them just over 
a month ago. The foundation is the perfect light to medium coverage that I 
personally like to use in summer. I find it gives you a lovely illuminated 
complexion without making your skin appear shiny.  

The real star of the two though, is the Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer. What I 
love the most about this product is that it is multi purpose. It works fantastically 
as a primer used underneath foundation (helping towards the illuminated 
complexion as mentioned above!) but I also love to use this as a liquid highlight 
on brow bones or cheekbones. It comes out a pearly white colour but blends 
easily and I imagine it would suit an array of skin tones unlike Benefit’s High 
Beam mentioned above, which is more pinkier toned.  
Collection (2000) Shimmer Shades in Way To Glow

I’m going to be honest and admit something unusual now. I’m actually a little
scared of bronzers. That sounds strange, doesn’t it?! I always worry I’m going to
end up looking ‘tangoed’ and so I used to not really bother with them. However,
that was until I discovered this little gem. The Collection 2000 shimmer shades
are the perfect collection of subtle shades that can be used for daytime or night
time looks. The bronze shades included aren’t massively pigmented, but I prefer
this (as a bronzing novice) because I know I’m not going to get carried away and
have brown streaks across my face. There is a lighter cream shade, which acts as
a lovely highlight shade as well as a pinker colour in the bottom right corner. I
believe they also do another one, which might have darker shades, which may be
ideal if you’re after a darker bronzing product but for me this is ideal (although I
probably don’t need yet another highlighting product…).

MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Lightscapade and MAC Highlight Powder in
Crew (from the Hey Sailor collection)

More highlighting products! I do think they are the perfect products for
achieving an easy summer glow (even when the weather isn’t glowing itself!).
First up is the MAC MSF in Lightscapade. I never see much hype surrounding this
product; I think the focus is definitely on Soft and Gentle (which I don’t own 
myself). It’s a shimmery pearly powder, with blue, pink and orange colours 
running throughout, although these don’t show up significantly once applied. I 
like to use this product on my cheekbones as it gives a lovely subtle glow.  
The second MAC product is a highlight powder in Crew, which is from the Hey 
Sailor range. Despite being described as a highlight, when swatched the colour 
pay off is a lot pinker, so I actually like to use this as a subtle blush during the 
day. The pale pink and the orange tones when mixed together produce a lovely 
coral pink that on my skin tone leave me with a healthy flush of colour.  
 And that’s all of my summer essentials! I tend to chop and change between 
different shades/products over the years, but these are the products I will be 
reaching for this summer. What are your must have summer essentials? 

What a great post from Hev! It makes me long for warm weather. 
Do you have any Summer Make-Up must haves?
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