I think the novelty of BB Creams is starting to wear thin and I agree somewhat unless said BB Cream
can offer something new that the current BB Creams on the UK market do not and the newly launched BB Cream by Witch Skin Care does just that!

Witch's BB Beauty Balm is currently only available in one shade option which is not quite light enough to be dubbed truly fair nor is it deep enough to be medium. 
Without categorising or being patronising I do feel that it will be a pretty good match to most Caucasian skin tones perhaps not those with beautiful English Rose complexions but with some blending most should find this a passable enough shade.

As with every BB Cream on the market place this has a whole slew of benefits such as being moisturising, offering light coverage, brightening and an SPF 15 but unlike traditional BB Creams this has the added benefit of a blemish busting ingredient in witch hazel extract so not only does it conceal any annoying pesky new "friends" that may appear on your face from time to time but with daily use it can help to clear the skin and keep it that way. I can't help but feel this may be the perfect product for young ladies who don't require the heavy coverage of a foundation but want something a little harder working than a bog standard tinted moisturiser, I know at 15 this is the sort of formula I would have sold my granny for!

As always I have included my mole as a reference point for coverage purposes.

The texture of this BB Cream is rather similar to the Asian formula's that I have tested,
it is thick but very easy to apply and blends out with ease, it is non sticky and oil free.
In my opinion it covers similar to a light formulated foundation - think Mac Face and Body etc,
it allows your natural skin tone to shine through but reduces and calms any redness resulting in blemishes being less noticeable. It also brightens and moisturises the skin.
When you first apply this it does look pretty wet/shiny but once allowed to dry down the finished result is dewy and natural - it took approximately 2 minutes to settle fully.
You can use this as a primer or as base, if you do use it as a base I highly recommend setting it with a powder to prolong the wear time.

Witch's BB Cream retails for £6.99/50ml and is available from most Boots and Superdrug stores.