Nars Turkish Delight is probably the most known and sought after lip gloss shade in the Nars line
partly due to it being a fairly suit all shade and mostly due to it's celebrity following
with one of it's most famous fans and wearers being Kim Kardashian, yes she is as irritating as they come
but we have to admit that her make-up is more often than not perfect!

The packaging is very typical of Nars it has the now infamous matte rubberised effect
which is renowned for collecting fingerprints and dirt but oddly I don't find it as annoying when it comes to
the lip products, perhaps it's partly due to the fact that with powder products
there does tend to be some fall out and more mess to cling to the rubber!
That aside my main grumble is that Nars is not exactly cheap nor is it drug store
and yet the gloss comes with a doe foot applicator which doesn't scream high end to me.
My problem with doe foot applicators really stems from the issue that they don't spread the gloss all that well
and heaven forbid you should use it to apply gloss over lipstick, you take off more than you apply.
I really do prefer brush applicators in-case you haven't noticed haha!

Nars Turkish Delight is listed on the Nars website as an "Pink Sorbet" which is open to interpretation,
sorbet usually indicates a pale pastel type of shade which this isn't truly.
In my opinion Nars Turkish Delight is a warm baby pink almost bubble gum tone that has a slight milky effect
yet has a clean yellow undertone making it suitable for most skin tones.
As far as lip glosses go it is fairly pigmented but transparent enough to work with your natural lip colour
and to not fully alter any lip shade you may wish to layer it upon.

As far as the formula is concerned I don't have any problems,
it is a thick yet non sticky gloss that wears really well - around the 3 hour mark.
It doesn't slip and slide all over my mouth nor does it bleed, it has no strong scent
and it works equally well worn alone or layered over another lip shade.
The pigmentation also ranks highly given that it is a gloss not a solid lip colour,
which is fairly rare for a product of this type.
My only minor grumble is the doe foot applicator but there is ways around this
such as using a lip brush etc.

Product Summary
Round Up - A milky pink lip gloss that wears well.
Best For - Most as the shade has a yellow undertone.
Pigmentation - (8/10) Well pigmented for a lip gloss.
Avaliabilty - Nars countes and via the Nars web store - link £17.50/8g