Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Face Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadows - Review

My Face Cosmetics have several formulas of eyeshadow but the Blingtone formula is one that will
have glitter fiends rejoicing as they are jam packed with tiny flecks of glitter suspended within a well pigmented base and available in 15 various shades so there is a hue for every occasion and mood!

There isn't much I can really state about the packaging, the shadows come presented in round transparent cases that are fairly sturdy and easy enough to open and close also the fact that they are clear cases makes it so much easier to see at a glance the shade that is housed within.
Truthfully they won't win any awards aesthetically but I have come across far worse.

I have three shades to share:

Limelight - This is a mid toned bright moss green with tiny flecks of silver glitter, this a very close dupe for Mac's Swimming.The pigmentation of this shade was good to very good and easily buildable without caking.
A great shade for the summer that would work very well blended with turquoise shades.

Pink Champagne - This is a light candy type of pink and again has silver glitter particles in abundance,
this has also turned out to be a great dupe of a Mac this time for Mac's Pink Venus.
Sadly this shade is fairly sheer and does require a good few layers to reach it's full potential.

Black Ice - This is a deep black tone that can be blended out to a deep charcoal hue again this is glitter based shade and the flecks as with the other two eyeshadows are silver in tone.
Much like the other two this is a dupe for a well known Mac shade - Mac Black Tied.
Of the the trio this had the best colour pay off.

The texture of the My Face Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadows are soft yet firm enough that they don't produce a mountain of glitter fall out which can often be a problem with glitter based powder products.
In general I found the shades to be well pigmented (Pink Champagne being the weakest), apply
and blend out well, if you want better colour pay off you can also apply the shades wet.
Although they are glitter based the formula of the eyeshadows is soft and I can happily report that the glitter present is not gritty nor does it irritate the delicate eye area.
On the lids these have an almost foil like appearance with a soft sheen finish not at all what I had expected.
In terms of wear general they shades wore for 4 hours without a primer and 8 hours with
although Pink Champagne didn't fair quite as well with around an hour less with both styles of application.

Product Summary
Round Up - Soft sheen finish glitter based eyeshadows that are generally well pigmented.
Best For - Fans of glitter and metallic based eyeshadow formulas.
Pigmentation - (7/10) The pink option was slightly weaker.
Availability - Selected Boots stores and via My Face Cosmetics online store - link £12.99 each

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  1. Black Ice is a gorgeous shade! xx

  2. I have a blingtone shadow in Crystalline Green and I love it, it's so glittery! I do want to check out some of the others are they're so blingy and fun :D Great review x

    1. Thank you :) that shade sounds lovely :)

  3. These look lovely, I received one in a beauty box a while back and you've got me wanting to dig it back out.
    Love Black Ice x

    1. Its such an intense shade isn't it :)

  4. I'm a new reader :) These look really pretty!I am in love with the black one!

    1. It's my favourite too :) thanks for reading :)

  5. Never tried these products and they are the most gorgeous glitter eyeshadows i have seen. Also they are really pigmented which is a positive point too and i must invest in the black glittery shade as i have been looking for a good quality one for ages! Thanks so much for sharing~x

    1. You are so welcome and I agree for glitter eyeshadows they are extremely pretty :)

  6. These look really pigmented! I like Black Ice (of course) and am curious about their other color options.

  7. I've never heard of My Face cosmetics, these look great. Esp love the black! xo

  8. We've some sort of blingtone darkness inside Crystalline Green and also I really like the idea, it is therefore glittery! I actually do would like to look at a few of the Aspca some others tend to be they are therefore blingy and also entertaining.


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